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Vegaz Baby!

Look who's got the cover of the newest issue of National Horseman Arabian!

Arabian Stallion, Vegaz

Vegaz! For the past 5 years, we're happy to say that Vegaz has called Ryan Show Horses home! It's not only exciting to manage and promote such a talented stallion, but Vegaz makes it easy! Vegaz is a total gentleman to be around, his pedigree is a perfect out-cross for breeders looking to add some serious Polish lines to their breeding program (like Comet, *Eter and others) and Vegaz babies have won over 138 National titles in 6 years! You can't get much more exciting than that!

Grab yourself a copy of this issue of National Horseman Arabian, and read all about Vegaz for yourself! If you want to meet Vegaz in person, or talk about booking a mare to him, contact Johnny Ryan at (609) 558-4616 or email him at

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