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Johnny and Christine Ryan Arabian horse trainers
Johnny Ryan-Ryan Show Horses
 Ryan Show Horses Arabian and Half Arabian Horses
 Ryan Show Horses Arabian and Half Arabian Horses

Like great horse training, the success of Ryan Show Horses is built upon a solid foundation. A foundation built upon a genuine love of horses that first emerged for Johnny and Christine when they were youngsters. Growing up on opposite sides of the continent-Christine in Massachusetts and Johnny in Texas-both spent their teenage years involved with Arabian horses. Taking into account the total commitment required of up and coming horse trainers, it’s no surprise that they met at a horse show!

For Johnny and Christine, chance encounters with Arabian horses provided

opportunities that developed into a life- long appreciation and passion for the

beauty, intelligence and engaging personalities of the Arabian horse- a passion

that has grown into a commitment to the Arabian horse and its future. Both are

deeply involved in the Arabian horse community, not only attending the annual

AHA convention but also by serving on many of the committees that define the

role of the organization.


However, while recognizing and supporting the importance of national and regional

promotional efforts, Johnny and Christine are naturals at creating their own“grass roots”

Arabian horse excitement! They are enthusiastic and genuinely excited to reach out and

connect with everyone and anyone that might have an interest in Arabian horses and to

                                   provide opportunities to meet these amazing horses in person!


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